“March for Trump” in Berkeley Escalates into Riot (Part II)

We last left off with an interview with Fred Garvey of the far-right California Mass Resistance and the fights between pro-Trump and anti-Trump demonstrators was in full swing….

Among those resisting the Trump supporters were feminists, socialists, LGBT activists, Muslim-American advocacy groups, Black Panthers, Pastel Bloc and communists.

“What these Trump supporters represent here today is fascism”, said Maya who represented REVCOM (Revolutionary Communist Party, USA) on Saturday. “The Trump administration is a fascist dictatorship and you see that with the use of alternative fake news. As a people, we need to show that all forms of bigotry, discrimination and racism have to end and the window to do that is closing.”

Maya’s rhetoric was shared by hundreds of more demonstrators who took issue with the March for Trump for a plethora of reasons. These included Trump’s vow to end protections preventing the deportation of undocumented American students, to eliminate transgender-accommodating public restrooms and the recent failed Muslim travel ban.

Tensions reached a peak when Trump supporters attempted to march onto the U.C. Berkeley campus but kept finding themselves blocked on street after street by an anti-Trump crowd that kept calling them “racists”, “rapists” and “fascists.”

The pro-Trump marchers made their way back to the MLK Civic Center Park near Allston Way within the next half-hour before another wave of pepper spraying and brawls ensued. The predominantly anti-Trump crowd celebrated as the Trump supporter behind the pepper spraying and smoke bombs was bent over the stone railing of the park’s fountain and put in handcuffs by the BPD at around 4:10pm.

The March for Trump, which clearly obtained the opposite of its desired result, was over by at least 5:30pm. Berkeley Police Department officers announced a final attendance toll of roughly 500 demonstrators on both sides and 10 arrests.

Representatives of REVCOM protesting President Trump in Berkeley, CA.

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