Interview with a “Radical Socialist”

Trump supporters and anti-Trump demonstrators made national headlines on Saturday, March 4, 2017 when an attempted “March for Trump” in Berkeley, CA devolved into a riot. Fist fights broke out and demonstrators on both sides were showered in mace and pepper spray. Amidst the fray, I spoke to one anti-Trump demonstrator who attracted the attention of local news reporters with the U.S.S.R. flag he was waving.

Me: What is your name and background?

Anonymous: I wish to remain anonymous and not give out any personal information.

Me: Why are you here, today?

Anonymous: I’m just here to bash the fasc’.

Me: What angers you the most about the Trump Administration?

Anonymous: I really hate his violent austerity measures and his policies against immigrants.

Me: Please elaborate.

Anonymous: Trump claims that his immigration policies are all about national security but we all know that at its core, this issue centers around race. The way Trump vilifies Mexicans and wants to track Muslims screams “Nazi!”

Me: What would you like to say to the demonstrators who came out here in support of Trump today?

Anonymous: Can I curse?

Me: You may, but I’m looking for more substance.

Anonymous: Well overall I think what these Trump supporters don’t realize is that they’re part of an outdated system that will die out with them. Trump’s fascist government isn’t going to make anything great. His economic plans won’t bring any manufacturing [jobs] back to the U.S. without costing the nation billions of dollars. And because we’re a nation of immigrants and built by immigrants, it’s bulls**t to discriminate immigrants just because they aren’t white or Christian.

Me: Why did you choose to bring the Soviet flag today?

Anonymous: [Chuckles] Soviets killed the most Nazis. But it’s really about being a display of power against the far-right.

Me: As a liberal, what frustrates you the most about the far-right in America?

Anonymous: Im a radical socialist. I’m not a liberal and I’m also not a conservative. Both sides are a f**king joke.

An anonymous demonstrator sporting a Soviet flag during a counter-protest on the “March for Trump” in Berkeley. March 4, 2017.

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