The March for Science is Coming

This spring, millions of demonstrators around the world will be marching to protest efforts by private corporations and countless governments to silence the vast majority of today’s scientists who have reached the consensus that climate change is indeed a real threat that needs to be addressed. The planning of this march is by no coincidence a follow-up of the Women’s March that took place the day after the inauguration of P.O.T.U.S. Donald Trump.

Among those spearheading this demonstration are American Geophysical Union executive Christine McEntee. In addition, Chief Executive of the U.S. House Science Committee Dr. Rush Holt has urged his constituents to take place in the march just a week after his testimony to the Senate revealed that much of the Republican party’s data on climate change had been falsified.

The march has gained momentum on social media outlets such as Facebook and Reddit. The official website for the march states, “We come from all races, all religions, all gender identities, all sexual orientations, all abilities, all socioeconomic backgrounds, all political perspectives, and all nationalities.” This implies that there may be a strong political undertone that promotes diversity and inclusiveness in this march most likely directed at the Trump administration.

The march for science will take place on Saturday, April 22, 2017. For more information and to find the city closest to you taking part in the march go to <;.


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